Raiding Update

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Hi Guys,

  I just thought id let you know what we are planning to do raid wise next. We have downed the first three bossses of Blackwing gaining some fab lootz for a lucky few. This week those being Llortra, Kezzli (again:P ) , Torgaddon and Sophoria. gratz guys.We did this in aproximately an hour soooooo werve decided rather then wiping constantly on the much harder next bosses we will spend our second night trying the first  part of Throne of the four Tides. So take a look at the first encounters on \You tube and do a bit of reading although iam sure Leon will get some macros ready for us too.Ive had a look at this site althjough i am sure someone will tell me that its the wrong place to look or i could have done something different. Whilst i’m on the subject of being corrected. please please please do not conuer command something Leon says in raids. He is THE RAID LEADER . if he says wipe, reset or some other command like that then please do it, Its fab that people yell if they are iced or interrupting or something helpful but it is not helpful when everyone else tries to take over because they think they know better,You may be right you may know better but you arent the raid leader. If you have a helpful comment or suggestion then please whisper leon and let him know  . We have always been a friendly guild, welcoming peoples help and comments  but there is a,limit!! Also i have been feeling like being Guild Leader just means that i get people whispering complaints and moans to me alot but none wants to do what i say when i make a suggestion about day to day running or what we are going to do with loot or where we are going. So i am saying this now. You will be given two choices on what we will do with unwanted epics Let me knwo by sunday. The choices are,: 1) Its d’ed and you all roll if you want it but it is to be used for your tradeskill or to get an enchant bit of gear etc and not to be sold on the ah for your profit. or 2) its de’d and i will keep the crystals and when there are enough we will start to do epic enchants for raid members. As some of the best ones for weapon and chest take 3 crystals this will take a while for everyone to get fully enchanted to this level but i think will be well worth it for our raid teams overall benefit.So let me know by or on Sunday.

Lastly I just want to say how well everyone is doing and how proud I am of the progress we have made already. I really feel that some of this is because we know each other well and have raided together  for a long while .The team we have is awesome and I hope you are all enjoying it too and feeling like we have accomplished something. We now nhave two teams for baradin hold so hopefully Kezzlis second raid team for blackwing will get off the ground soon too. I will continue to put other events on the calender for achievement runs, battlegrounds and classics and do sign up if you feel like a change as its great to get more guild achievements to gives us point, what do points mean ??? prizes !!!! ( most of you are probably too young to know that catchphrase lol.)

Anyway ive rambled on long enough, lets hope we get through Throne as quickly as Blackwing, good luck to you all and well done FEV xxx


Battleground Fun

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Hi Guys, thank you to all those who joined in on Saturdays event. I think we all had fun even though we were well and truly hammered in the rated battlegrounds because of course we have no gear, We also really really need to listen to the leader. Mudkipps knows the battleground well and was giving us typed instructions well but he could do with a mic lol. Im hoping that maybe kezzli will step  up to the mic next time and lead. Anyway we split into two teams of five so we could all earn honour pointsin normal battlegrounds  with the idea of buying more pvp gear. If this is something youd like to be included in another event will be posted for 2 weeks time. so you have those two weeks to maybe improve your pvp gear so we may even win ! Anyway as i said it was an enjoyable evening with some laughs and i for one am looking forward to the next one


Maloriak be damned!

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Greetings to all!


Maloriak is a bit of a bugger isn’t he!!


The raiding team did an excellent job in getting him down to only 4%. It is such a tricky site with the slightest error resulting in us having to reset! People did a fantastic job and really stepped up their game. We even managed to draw out an extra 20% dps and push Maloriak too far too quickly!


We did however encounter a few problems and I think some we should definitely address.


If you make a mistake guys, we are all adults and I think it is not too much to ask to own up to it rather than waiting for us to check info, recount etc etc wasting time and energy we could be fighting. I think also there are still some people that are inconsiderate players. People could make things so much easier for others by watching their positioning, particularly in fights which we have to keep a certain range. Running and standing on top of another players head, particularly when that person does need to stand still to cast etc isn’t exactly going to help things.

Interrupts were of course an issue  for us, it is a split second decision that can easily go wrong so we must make sure that we aren’t trigger happy.


BUT despite any moaning or lecturing above we have done incredibly well. We are dealing with the raid bosses much better than a lot of us predicted and I think it is safe to say our illustrious leader is extremely proud of us all!


Great job guys, keep it up and soon we will clear them all 🙂

Don your battlegear!

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The time has come for Prosapia to show their might in the battlegrounds, and what better way to do so than to make them.. Rated.

Thats right, Rated Battlegrounds!

Jane has set an event up on the calendar, so you should definitely sign up for that if you are a PvP’er. Still, it would be fantastic if you could leave a comment here if this is something that would interest you so that we could get an idea of the amount of people we have. Who know, maybe we might be able to get 2 rated teams running?


Prospaia Rock

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Well done guys. The raid team is really doing well im so proud of everyone.The teamwork is really improving and i think one of the reasons we are having good results. Hopefully soon we will have enough people geared  for a second team too. I will be adding some extra reaids for achievements and classics so that everyone gets a chance to do some form of raiding and Hopefully Windfuhrer will be posting about the new rated Battlegrounds  we hope to run soon for those interested. Lastly please guys  sign up for the rp events. These take alot of time and effort to arrange and as a guild of friends the elast people could do is turn up unless of course work prevails. We dont actually have them very often and its a chance to bring alts out of the wordwork etc.

 Anyway as ive said Im really impressed with the progress so far keep up the good work !!

 Fev xx

RP Event….

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As all can see from the in-game calendar I am planning an RP event as there have been some requests to have one. However, apart from myself there has only been one actual acceptance and the rest tentative and so I am asking if it is worth my time creating this event? Are people actually going to bother to come?


Patch 4.0.6 on Wednesday!

Posted: 08/02/2011 by Goretag in General Information

Wow Insider have posted the patch notes HERE for the patch tomorrow. Go check them out and practice your best QQing.

So we did it, we downed our first ‘proper’ raid boss. The Omnitron Defence System went down after quite a few attempts! The final attempt went very smoothly with only myself dying, but being battle rezzed to finish the fight.

Special thanks go to Leon for working hard on getting people organised and for the detailed and well written macros that helped us understand the fight and the mechanics. Also thanks to Richard(Ahnika) for standing in for Steve(Enki) on the first night, even though we didn’t get it down that night you allowed us to see the fight and have a good practice on the boss. Thanks Gem(Abedabun) for standing in for Austin(Windfuhrer) who had an ugly Gremlin messing up his internet connection.

Gratz all on killz and lootz!

Now onto the topic of the main raid group. The people in this raid group were selected through three main methods. The first is family, at the core of the guild there is a real life family as most of you are aware. To not include one of us in ‘our’ raid group would be a little unfair and a little silly, so there are several spaces taken up with us. The second way of selection is excluding those that said they did not want to be in the main group and were therefore put in the second group. The last method of selection is by gear and dedication. At the time of starting the raids the people who were chosen were felt to be the best geared and most prepared to start raiding as part of the main raid group. This is in no way a “we don’t like you so you’re not in our raid group”. It’s purely as a guild we want to progress and that means taking the best people to the raid as possible. Unfortunately that means some people miss out, for which we are sorry.

However just because you did not get into the main raiding team, you do not have the right to bully or be unpleasant to people who were. If you really feel you have to react in that way then we will happily show you the door.

So as not to end on a downer I have included a couple of images I did of Fev and Soph, which are on my blog.








Seeing as not many people have commented on the blog so far I offer up a challenge! If 10 people leave a comment on the thread I may do another self-deprecating video for your entertainment.

Dear Diary…

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As some of you may have noticed, on the left of the page is a section called blogroll. In it we currently have two links to other blogs, namely mine and Katie’s (Sophoria/Laurasian), you can check them out and read any ramblings that may have been written there.

Now the list is a little short, so do any of you keep a blog? If you don’t, simply by signing up to you are automagically set one up for your typing pleasure. So if you do have one can you post it in the comments below and I will add it to the blogroll.

On a related note and twitterers out there? If so can you post you twitter name below, mine is @disorderuk. I’m looking forward to reading all the boring crap you people are going to write!

Going down

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So tonight we dine in HELL!

Here is tankspots video for Magmaw, watch, learn and watch again until you know what your role will be in the fight!

Next there is the Omnitron Defense system, again watch the video till you know what to do!

Good luck all!